Watch out! Back pain could lead to premature death, study reveals

Do you suffer from back pain? Then this information interests you: a study carried out by experts in the health area revealed that said discomfort could lead to premature death. Yes, this is how you read it! Back pain that is generated by injuries or poor posture reduces the life span of the person suffering from it.

Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia, conducted various tests and concluded that people with chronic back pain (with duration greater than 3 months) are up to 13% more likely to die prematurely. “It is important that it is perceived as a condition that requires specialized care and not to be taken lightly, as this could affect the quality of life and reduce longevity”, They pointed out.

The reason to pay attention to back pain is because this part of the body commonly serves as an indicator to detect other diseases And when such discomforts are missed, valuable time is wasted in diagnosing the real suffering.

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The results of this investigation were published in the European Journal of Pain and experts examined the rates of Back pain and the age of death in 4,390 twins older than 70 years. The results showed a link, data that suggests a relationship between recurrent back pain and a sign of another disease. For now, experts will continue to research effective intervention treatments for people with severe back pain.

Now that you know this, I suggest you go to your doctor to take care of the Back pain and know the causes that cause it. Listen to your body and don’t ignore the signals it sends you!

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What can I do if my back hurts?

-Apply heat or ice to the painful area.

-Sleep in a stooped or fetal position with a pillow between your legs.

-Exercise is an option to prevent back pains.


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