Start 2022 with cheaper gasoline: Treasury lowers tax

So that you do not continue in the uncertainty, the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) already published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) the fees of the Special tax on production and services (IEPS) that will be in force in the first week of 2022, from Saturday, January 1 to Friday, January 7, when the new amounts of the fiscal incentives to be charged in the acquisition of fuels are published in the same medium.

For this period the props -In the form of reductions to this tax- will be 59.4%, 31.10% and 45.65% for gasoline Magna Y Premium respectively, as well as the diesel.

So it is that from the first hours of this new year these quotas of the assessment, leaving as follows the amount that will be charged in each presentation of gasoline that they sell in Mexico.

The gasoline Magna, which corresponds to that of 87 octane, you will receive a support of 3.2623 pesos with the aforementioned fiscal stimulus, so when loading a liter of this fuel you will pay 2,2294 pesos, compared to the 2.79 pesos of tax that were collected the previous week.

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In the case of Premium gasoline, characterized by its octane number of 91, was also updated so that the Treasury supports with 1.4421 pesos of the amount of the tax, leaving the motorists to cover the quota of 3.1954 pesos for each liter loaded in the tank.

Last week the amount was 3.7589 pesos, so you will pay less in the first days of 2022 with the tax incentives from the SHCP.

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As for diesel, this hydrocarbon derived from oil receives a support of 2.6342 pesos, so if you drive a vehicle that uses this energy, you will only have to cover 3.4012, when until this Friday the corresponding quota is 3.8971.

Remember that the Treasury implements these fiscal incentives to reduce the tax charged when buying these fuels to reduce the impact of fluctuations in their price at mexican consumers, but falls on the dealers the final price that looks at the gas stations.

The IEPS is a tax that is charged to gasoline in Mexico, but also to other consumer products such as soft drinks, tobacco derivatives and other goods, but in the case of gasoline the Federal government adjusts tax figures weekly based on various factors so drivers pay less for their family economy.

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