Profeco issues alert for failures in Volkswagen, Mazda and Subaru vehicles

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) in coordination with Volkswagen, Mazda and Subaru made a recall for 1,741 cars of various models for possible failures.

Mazda warned that owners of 740 CX-9 2020 and 2021 units should have their cars checked because they may present a malfunction of the sliding mechanism of the second row bench seat with 60/40 split on the driver’s side.

The problem is that the seats can slide in a collision, so Mazda will replace the internal parts of the seat for free.

Subaru alerted owners of 368 2019 Forester cars to the possibility of the unlock switch on the power liftgate failing, either by pressing the button on the keyless fob or the switch.

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There is the possibility that in 109 units of the 2016 WRX models, 72 units of 2017 and 22 units of 2018; as well as 171 Forester 2016 cars, 23 2017 units and 58 2018 vehicles present problems because “six nuts on the front exhaust pipe that tighten the cylinder head and the exhaust pipe can loosen and could cause a gas leak.”

In 20 2019 BRZ cars and nine 2019 WRX cars there is a possibility that the impellers in the fuel pumps are of lower density or deform; “This can cause the fuel pump to stop working causing the engine to stall, making it difficult to start again.”

All owners of the Subaru vehicles listed above should call 01 800 070 1010 or send an email to customer service.[email protected], for doubts, clarification or to schedule an appointment for review.

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While Volkswagen de México called for a preventive review the owners of two Porsche 981 units from 2013, in addition to the owners of 90 Boxter cars from 2013, 2014 and 2015; and 57 Cayman vehicles years 2014 and 2015.

“Given the possibility that control arm supports that do not meet the specifications required by the brand have been installed on the rear suspension; If this is the case, one or both mounts could break and eventually cause a loss of control in the car. For this reason, they should be reviewed and if deemed necessary, the axle supports of the lateral sections will be replaced ”, said Profeco.

The owners of these cars should call 800 707 7243 or communicate through email [email protected]

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