Cruz Azul will pay 4.5 million dollars for Erik Lira

A blunderbuss is the one he is assembling Blue Cross for him Mexico shouts BBVA Closing 2022 and apparently they are about to get the services of Erik Lira, midfielder who for now belongs to Pumas.

After the arrival of players like Uriel Antuna, Alejandro Mayorga Y

Christian Tabó
, Juan Reynoso’s team would finish propping up its roster with Erik Lira, one of the players who shone in the last league of the Mexico shouts BBVA Opening 2021.

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This is the official calendar of the Grita Mexico Clausura 2022 Tournament

What would Erik Lira cost

According to information from ESPN, the agreement between both directives exists and that is why Blue Cross will pay about $ 4.5 million to get the services of Lira, who is barely 21 years old.

The income of that money could be used to Pumas go to the market to find some reinforcement. Lira’s case is similar to that experienced by the team of Andres Lillini in the last tournaments, when players come out who are key in the scheme. So it happened with Juan Pablo Vigon when he emigrated to Tigers.


Erik Lira’s numbers

In the last semester, Erik Lira He played a total of 22 games with the jersey of Pumas. Two were from the Leagues Cup. His contribution to the offense was only an assist but he was in the spotlight by saying that “se chin …” America, in the series of the Quarterfinals.

In total, 58 games have been played Erik Lira with the t-shirt of Pumas, in which he has given two assists. His good level led him to join the call for Gerardo Martino on the Mexican team, for the friendly match against chili, with which they closed the 2021 activity and in which he was the starter.

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