The new job that Giovani Dos Santos would have when he could not find a team

Giovani Dos Santos could ask for an opportunity on a reality show.
Giovani Dos Santos could ask for an opportunity on a reality show.

Everything seems to indicate that Giovani dos santos there would be one more tournament without a team, because after leaving last June America, he has not been able to find a team that will pay his high salary after seeing his poor performance in recent years.

Giovani dos santos played 42 games since his arrival at America in 2019, in which he scored 4 goals and gave two assists according to Transfermarkt data, low figures for the high salary he received, which was around 2 million dollars a year according to Total Soccer.

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But nevertheless, Giovani dos santos You could find a job on a popular reality show. Exatlon Mexico has become a refuge for athletes who want to resume or boost their career, so Giovani It could have a space in said program to try to get back into the media spotlight.

Other footballers who have participated in the Exatlon

Footballers and former players like Patricio Araujo, Alberto Medina, Alan Mendoza, Norma Palafox, Janelly Farías and Melissa Ramos, among others, they have gone through the famous television program, in addition to the fact that the brothers of players such as Alan Cervantes and Rodolfo Pizarro, who are also footballers.

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