Look for equipment, it would come for free, but Peláez prefers this log for Chivas

Ricardo Peláez would look for one more reinforcement for the Clausura 2022.
Ricardo Peláez would look for one more reinforcement for the Clausura 2022.

Ricardo Peláez stated during the presentation of Roberto Alvarado at Guadalajara that the directive of Chivas continues to work on finding reinforcements, and according to various media, Jurgen Damm could be in negotiations to get to the club.

The current player of the MLS Atlanta United He would get on loan after not having had regularity in his team in the last year, in which he played 5% of the minutes available in the tournament according to Transfermarkt.

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The biggest impediment to signing Damm it would be his high salary, which would be around 1.3 million dollars, however, Chivas I could look for a player who would come for free and would have much lower claims to play with the Herd and it would be Alan Mendoza.

Alan Mendoza and what he would bring to Chivas

Alan Mendoza played for teams like Pumas and FC Juárez before participating in the reality show Exatlon Mexico. Mendoza plays as a left-back and at 28 he could be an important competition for players like Miguel Ponce and Cristian CalderónIn addition to the fact that his salary would be much lower than that of the majority of the squad, as he would look for a new opportunity to succeed in Liga MX.

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