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The market focused on art is an opportunity to diversify portfolios of investment and it is an asset of refuge in the face of the high volatility and uncertainty that can be generated in the stock market, especially in times of pandemic; however, its potential has not been exploited due to the lack of knowledge in Mexico.

Andrea Zapata, investment director of LS Galerías, explained that the country has not yet reached a potential in this niche for investors, because it is considered an expensive activity, although it can generate returns of between 18 percent and 20 percent, depending on the artist or piece that is acquired.

“In Mexico there are more and more people who want invest in art. Especially since there is an uncertainty in the market and that means that they are looking for alternatives of investment safe for your money, because the art it is moved by completely different variables than the stock market, but it is discarded because it is thought to be very expensive, “said the expert.

Worldwide, the business reached a valuation of 50.1 billion dollars in 2020, according to the report “The Art Market 2021”, prepared by Art Basel and UBS Report.

Zapata said that in the pandemic, the number of people who wanted increased by 70 percent invest in this market, in which you can enter from 2 thousand pesos a month. “The art it has maintained its value, because it is governed by the variables of supply and demand. On average people do not sell their work, unless there is a divorce, death or debt ”, he pointed out.


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