Roberto Alvarado will wear 25 in his time with Chivas

It was officially presented

Roberto Alvarado
as a player of Chivas. In company of Ricardo Peláez, sports president of the Flock, the ‘Piojo’ gave his first words as a rojiblanco player.

Alvarado became the first reinforcement of the Flock for him Scream Mexico Closing 2022 and it was given by an exchange for Uriel Antuna, in addition to Alejandro Mayorga. The two elements moved into the ranks of the Blue Cross.

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The number that Roberto Alvarado will use

At Akron Stadium, Ricardo Peláez I present Roberto Alvarado as a new player of Chivas. The ‘Piojo’ put on the red-and-white shirt and began to appreciate that he will wear the ’25’ in his time with the chiverío.

It was speculated that Alvarado he would use the ‘7’ left vacant by Uriel Antuna. However, the Mexican midfielder kept the number with which he was in Blue Cross. Unlike the ’13’ that he used in his time with the Necaxa.

Perhaps the 25th refers to the day he debuted as a professional and the 13th as well. The first time that Robert Alvarado stepped on the court, it was in a game of the MX Cup the September 25, 2013, wearing the t-shirt of the Bulls of Celaya, in front of Tecos.

Chivas transfers

The low of Uriel antuna and of Alejandro mayorga, they would not be the only ones that would suffer Flock. Apparently, not being able to renew the contract of Alexis vega with the club, they would be selling it to Striped and they would also seek a trade for the striker.

Alexis Vega would leave Chivas

In addition to Roberto Alvarado, the directive of Chivas has kept his sights on Rodolfo Pizarro. The still player of the Inter Miami could make his stellar return to the Liga BBVA MX but also Striped has shown interest in him.

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