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To receive advertising calls of bank branches, inviting us to purchase any of their services, is sometimes annoying, especially when despite refusing, they keep calling you to accept it. However, this can end with a simple step: registering with the Public Registry of Users (REUS) of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

What is the REUS?

The REUS is a system created by Condusef to prevent the abuse of personal information that is normally provided when a service is requested.

In this way, by registering in this system you will be able to end annoying calls that banks do to promote their services.

How to register for REUS?

Registration is very simple, you can do it in different ways:

  • Online; On the Condusef page.
  • In person: In the Delegations and Sub-delegations of the Condusef.
  • By phone: At the Condusef call center, at 01 800 999 80 80.

To register you need to provide the following information:

  • Two private telephone numbers (one landline and one mobile).
  • Two business phone numbers (one landline and one mobile).
  • A private and / or work email.

The procedure is completely free. Registration in the system is carried out in 45 calendar days after the date of registration and has a valid for two years.

Once you are registered, your information will be private and banks will be prohibited from calling or writing you. If the banks continue to call you, you can notify Condusef to initiate a sanction process against the financial institution.



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