From illusion to fiasco: from Peláez’s Chivas 2.0 there is very little left

They were the Super Chivas 2.0. This was the nickname of the reinforced version that the sports president of the Flock, Ricardo Peláez, upon his arrival at the club a couple of years ago, when the board of directors opened the portfolio … to no avail.

Historical spending of about $ 25 million that Guadalajara did will remain a bad anecdote, after Closing 2022 Only two of the eight reinforcements hired will remain at the end of 2019.

Jesus Angulo Y Chicote Calderón they will be the only ones that remain, after Uriel Antuna, José Madueña, Alexis Pena, Victor Guzman, José Juan Vázquez and Jose Juan Macías They are already in other institutions, without having left any success worth remembering in the Herd.

“That policy of the institution for many can be a limitation, but I see how a success being a team of mexican cigars, is an opportunity for the Guadalajara be that big and winning team, that’s why it will be a great team, with a super campus and highly competitive so that the fans have a worthy club and that give them permanent sporting successes, “he said. Pelaez in his presentation the November 26, 2019.


From his reinforcements, Pocho Guzmán returned to Pachuca just two months later, after having given a adverse analytical result in a test anti-doping.

In October of that 2020, the Gallito Vazquez Y Pain, for whom Chivas paid $ 5 and $ 4 million, according to Transfermarkt, were separated by indiscipline committed together with Dieter villalpando Y Javier Eduardo “Chofis” López.

“I know that Amaury he is going to fulfill the promise he made to his father. We are putting together a great squad to give the coach many doubts when he has to build his line-up; with what we have been working and managing for a month, very soon we will be the most winning team in Mexico”, He added Pelaez that day.

Pain did not even have minutes in MX League with Chivas. By January 2021 it was transferred to Blue Cross and currently it is not known what his future will be, while Vazquez He added 519 minutes with the Flock and went to Toluca, a team that no longer contemplates him, so he could reach Xolos.

Madueña It cost almost $ 2 million but it went from Chivas after playing only 49 minutes there, because by 2021 he reached the FC Juárez, where it was not what was expected, so now he will play for him Tepatitlan FC in the Expansion League.

Macías returned with Chivas upon the arrival of Pelaez and added just over 2,400 minutes in which he scored 12 goals. But as he clung to emigrate to Europe His performance was decreasing, until he was signed by the Getafe in this 2021, where he has spent at night.

What’s more, Uriel antuna, the more expensive booster of the era Pelaez At a cost of nearly $ 11 million, it is the most recent decline in the Guadalajara, well it happened to Blue Cross after playing 3 thousand 722 minutes as rojiblanco and also being punished for indiscipline, for which he was questioned by the fans due to his irregular performances.


Of those that remain, Chicote Calderón, for which they paid more than $ 5 million In the famous “Rayo Pack”, he has had cases of indiscipline off the pitch, for which he was punished, with just over 1,600 minutes played and 4 goals scored as a rojiblanco.

Of all the reinforcements, the only profitable one has been the Canelo Angulo, who also arrived in 2020 from Necaxa. So far he has added 3 thousand 436 minutes and 8 goals, although he has not been an indisputable starter.

“In Chivas they talked about quotient problems and downhill until last weekend. In this institution, from now on, they are going to talk about championships, Leagues and sporting successes. Fighting for the last places is over ”, he added. Pelaez on that occasion.

However, since that time, the highest he has reached Chivas It is the Semifinal that he lost in December 2020 against León, without even having qualified directly for the League because it barely adds two Repechages, today with the illusion that the Louse Alvarado be a reinforcement that changes the last trend, although with the risk of losing soon to Alexis vega because he has not yet renewed the contract.


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