Does Chivas win or lose with the arrival of Alvarado and the departures of Antuna and Mayorga?

The arrival of Roberto Alvarado at Chivas de Guadalajara supposes an important reinforcement for the technician Marcelo Leaño, However, it must also be taken into account that they will have the absence for the Clausura 2022 Tournament from Uriel Antuna and Alejandro Mayorga, two elements that were headlines in the last matches of the previous tournament.

+ Chivas stove football heading to the 2022 Clausura of the MX League

With the “Louse” in the lineup, the Sacred Flock will gain greater intelligence of quarter-court towards the front and the important generation of offensive play, since it is a reality that former Cruz Azul footballer He has been a key piece for the citizens of the capital, especially in the championship they obtained the previous summer.

Added to that, too he is a player who scores goals and creates opportunities, that may be another factor that plays in favor of Guadalajara that seeks to have a greater volume of play on the attack, since Antuna in almost two years scored 12 goals and 15 assists with the Guadalajara jersey and in general the rojiblancos went blank in seven games in the 2021 Grita Mexico Apertura Tournament.

Does Chivas win or lose with the exchange of Alvarado for Antuna and Mayorga?

Roberto Alvarado It did not have such surprising numbers as you might think, because in its passage through the cement plants as of 2018, the “Piojo” played 103 games where he added 14 annotations between league and cup for 12 that the “Brujo” added in two years. Where if there is a difference It is abysmal in assists, as the “Louse” accumulated 23 goals, in a clear sample of what it represented for the celestial ones.

This factor would be the key by which the Chivas leadership chose to persuade Cruz Azul to make the exchange. The situation that generates the dilemma is that Alejandro Mayorga, a natural left back that ended up as a starter, also leaves the Flock and this causes Miguel Ponce He went on to take part as the substitute for the Clausura 2022, but “Pocho” is one of the players most criticized by the fans for his irregular performance in recent tournaments, so somehow, it seems that Guadalajara came out losing with these transfers, although only time will be right.


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