3 JLO exercises to have a flat abdomen that you can do after Christmas

At Panorama we know that after the overheating and all the delicacies of Christmas dinner the body can gain a few kilos, so we discovered three exercises that Jennifer Lopez usually does to have a flat abdomen, in addition to being toned all year long, so take note of these fitness tips.

Do you want to end the year with new sports habits? These abdominal circuits are perfect for you, because in addition to being very simple, they are so effective that JLO usually integrates them into their routine. You will be surprised by how much you will strengthen with these proposals!

Jennifer Lopez: easy exercises to have a flat abdomen

More than 15 hanging ab raises

Get under some bars, load your body, bring your knees up to your chest and repeat for at least 15 times in a row, try to keep at least one second up. Remember that the challenge is to repeat this exercise for three circuits, so do not use all your strength in the first round.

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20 Crunches on the floor

Face up and on a mat, walk your ankles towards your buttocks (without taking off the soles of your feet) and bring your head towards the knees, repeat for at least 20 times without stopping, generating force when bringing your forehead closer. Remember that the more tension the more toned your abs will look.

20 Incline Crunches

Stand on an asymmetrical base (slightly lower than the side where you will have your head), lie on your back and when you get up get close to the tips of your feet, repeat without stopping with medium speed, the most important thing is that you feel the work in the lower belly .


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