Do diets work ?; this advises Harvard for the New Year

Christmas and New Years are dates of great celebration, but also of great stress for everyoneTherefore, living in a culture of diets, anxiety about the food we consume increases. The end of the year is also seen by many such as the opportunity to start eating “healthier” or restrictive diets that little or nothing helps the general health of people.

According to Harvard, “although most weight loss diets can help you lose weight, they may not be successful in the long term for various reasons, “including that restrictions are not followed in the long term or eating habits are “compensated” with less physical activity.

“Popular diets just don’t work for the vast majority of people, “or are only modestly effective for a limited time, and their” benefits “largely wear off over months, a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed.

Harvard confirms that diets don’t work (Photo: Special =

Among the results, it was announced that:

one. Low-carb and low-fat diets resulted in weight loss about 10 pounds at six months, but most of the weight lost was regained in a year.

2. The results of blood pressure and cholesterol improved modestly at six months, but overall they went back to where they started after a year.

3. There were no major differences in other health benefits

Tips for New Years

To lose weight, college recommends, it is best toSee a doctor, nutritionist, and health advisor to review the changes in your lifestyle step by step.

As for immediate actions, details such as schedule meals and snacks, delayed in three main meals and two snacks to reduce stress on when to eat again. In additions be patient with the process and understand that “it takes one step at a time”. In this way the pressure of losing weight will be reduced and people will be able to improve their relationship with food little by little.


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