Casmu adds services to the area of ​​hemotherapy and transfusion medicine – Information – 12/26/2021

In a new commitment to the training of human resources and the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, Casmu added new services to its Department of Hemotherapy and Transfusion Medicine. The area made the sale of autologous eye drops available to users and has made important advances in relation to treatment with progenitor cells and in the application of platelet-rich plasma.

Due to its capacity to process and achieve “high quality” blood products and blood components, Casmu It has a “regional level” hemotherapy center, said Dr. Juan José Areosa, an intensivist physician and general secretary of the mutual insurance company.

“We have boosted investments in equipment and especially in human resources, we strengthened the work team through training in both quantity and quality, and we opened the possibility of accessing new procedures and treatments that can only be achieved in centers with a level technical and material resources very high, “he added.

The head of the Department of Hemotherapy and Transfusion Medicine, Dr. Juan Ferrari, explained that the area is made up of 120 people specialized in the development of blood components, blood products and transfusion medicine. “We have highly trained professionals, who represent a third of the country’s total staff of hemotherapists who are working for Casmu,” he said.

Autologous eye drops

“Autologous eye drops are blood products, that is, they are the product of the fractionation of blood elements. They are the most specific, safe and effective substitute for artificial tears. Its use is linked to pathologies of the ocular epithelium, such as corneal ulcer (keratitis) or the so-called “dry eye syndrome” (xerophthalmia) ”, he pointed out.


Ferrari pointed out that nowadays with the massive use of screens (cell phone, television, computer, etc.) there is a progressive decrease in the presence of natural tears, therefore, treatments with artificial tears have grown.

Unlike the chemicals that are commonly used, eye drops are autologous, meaning they are obtained from the processing of blood from the same patient. “The eye drops are presented in drops and are an extraordinary therapeutic tool for the treatment of eye disorders,” he said.

The process of obtaining the eye drops is done under strict aseptic measures, under laminar flow, in the Cell Therapy area of ​​the Department of Transfusion Medicine of Casmu, with specially trained personnel.

The expert explained that in various institutions in the country, including Casmu, a “testimonial” production was achieved that was not promoted because there was no possibility of sustaining the demand. “There were no trained personnel with a massive development protocol to offer eye drops to the general population. Now Casmu has the human and scientific capacity to provide treatment to its affiliates and to any patient who may need it, “he said.

Progenitor cells

Ferrari referred to the treatment with hematopoietic progenitors (TCPH), the “wrongly called stem cells,” he explained, which are used for regeneration treatments of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissues. “They have different applications. For example, they are used in hematological patients receiving treatment with high-dose chemotherapy, in order to achieve maximum remission of the tumors being treated, ”he said.


Casmu has equipment and personnel specialized in its treatment. “There is a multidisciplinary work with hematologists and doctors from other specialties, who are beginning to use the tool. Surely in a few months we can count on the treatment, “he said.

The healthcare center has high technology at the service of these procedures: four state-of-the-art cell separators, special freezers for the preservation of blood products and laminar flow chambers. “We are at an international level in terms of equipment,” Ferrari said.

Platelet rich plasma

With regard to platelet-rich plasma, “it is another blood-derived by-product whose use in aesthetic medicine is having an impressive boom. At the level of sports science, for example, it increases the healing of wounds or tears, and in aesthetics it has several applications at the dermatological level ”, exemplified the doctor.

Ferrari indicated that the Department has also carried out experimental treatments with gynecologists on issues of urinary incontinence, “with resounding success.” The treatment is being made available to affiliates and will be available to external users.

Ways of contact

Those who wish to obtain more information about Casmu services can contact the landline number 24875333, ext. 5204 or by cell phone and WhatsApp at 092135254. It is also possible to send an email to [email protected] or access the institution’s website


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