You are an idiot; Joserra humiliated André Marín for saying a wrong word

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Within the world of sports media it’s known that Jose Ramon Fernandez is a person of a strong character, who always seeks the truthfulness and perfection in your notes, it is because of that when there is an error, it always shows it, regardless of whether it is a partner and they are on the air.

It happened like that a few years ago with André Marín while both shared screen in Azteca TV, as Today’s Fox Sports commentator mispronounced a word to the air and José Ramón stopped everything to show him his mistake, telling him he ‘was a jerk’ on national television.

The ‘humiliation’ of José Ramón to André Marín

Christian Martinoli was in a call with Mauricio Pedroza and Hérculez Gómez on ESPN’s ‘Now or Never’ program, where in the first instance He related how complicated it was to work with José Ramón Fernández, since he always questioned them about everything, he looked for sustenance in his notes and got them into big trouble.

It was a very strong tension and it is an absolute rigor, but also with a perfect certainty of ‘today I got a note and I already verified the super ultra’, or a comment. I must have 25 arguments in the head in case I get something out of it. One day I was in the shower before going to work and I was thinking what I was going to say word for word, “he mentioned.

With such severity on the part of Jose Ramon, Christian Martinoli he remembered the time that eexploded into the air against André Marín, Well, he made a mistake in a note, but it is not that he gave false or unconfirmed information, but that misstated a word, so he made ‘a drama’ about it.

“I do not forget once in ‘Los Protagonistas’ that André Marín said ‘negotiated’ Y José Ramón stopped the program to tell him ‘It is said negotiates, negotiated does not exist, well it only exists for morons. You are an idiot if you say so ‘, in the air! It was a moment that shocked everyone because no one expected that reaction. “

Jose Ramon Fernandez has been involved in many other very notorious controversies, as when he told Carlos Reinoso that he was in soccer because he did not study. He is known to be tough and a complex person, but he is one of the most long-lived and wise in the sports environment.


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