‘If it weren’t for football, they would sell hamburgers’

Simon Jordan, former president of Crystal palace, broke the silence for the medium ‘talkSPORT’ and launched a harsh criticism against Pep Guardiola Y Jurgen Klopp for the comments they made about “Boxing Day.” Both the technician of the Manchester City Like Liverpool, they expressed their dissatisfaction with this type of event that they assured are exhausting for the players.

The “Boxing Day “ is a tradition that has been played every December 26 since 1860. The first match with this particularity it occurred between Sheffield FC Y Hallam FC. This year is the first time that the date is suspended due to the outbreak from coronavirus which has left squads incomplete.

“How about you pinch yourself to realize how lucky you are because if it weren’t for him soccer, half of you would be working on Mcdonalds?

Simon Jordan, former president of Crystal Palace

“I think there is a massive pushback with these positions, and I could be wrong, but I don’t think so: to the amateurs they like this tradition. Have you forgotten where you are? What puts you where you are is precisely the demand for matches. If there were not this, neither you nor your colleagues would receive tens of millions of pounds a year, “Simon Jordan said with dedication to the leaders.

Jordan directly expressed his annoyance with Guardiola, who he recognized for his successful career, but warned that he should stop complaining and start preparing the games.

“Pep can be successful, but I doubt he could do it without a checkbook. It’s enough! Play the damn match. Most of the players who I know really want to play these games. “

Liverpool vs Manchester City in action



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