An unthinkable coach threatens to take away the Chivas coach position from Marcelo Míchel Leaño

Marcelo Míchel Leaño was confirmed as Chivas de Guadalajara coach, but a coach was proposed to replace him.

Chivas de Guadalajara faces a new start to the preseason with problems to structure the squad with reinforcements and possible casualties for the next season of Liga MX and a coach proposed as a replacement for Marcelo Míchel Leaño.

The Mexican strategist who was placed as successor to Víctor Manuel Vucetich is in the process of ordering a competitive squad to compete in the 2022 Clausura Tournament.

However, Atlante coach Mario García positioned himself as a possible replacement for Marcelo Míchel Leaño and thus solve the problem for Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez for the following season.

“There was a note or a comment, in a program, from a journalist that I don’t even know, but he said that I was the ideal Chivas coach and he is not mistaken, because Chivas is full of Mexicans and I have been giving results with cigars for almost 20 years Mexicans, “he assured in the first instance.

I don’t tell lies, they know my job. For some it will seem crazy, but it is the reality, they do not turn to look here, because the correct scan is not made and because we do not know how to sell ourselves, “he said in an interview with ESPN.

“I do not say names, nor do I say who, because in itself they veto me, it is a large part, they stop you, they say that Mario is crazy, that unhinges the player, but then the demand hurts, if we want wild and conformist players, do not bring Mario García nowhere, because he is going to put them to work, but they are going to have the best version of their career. That’s what they don’t want, ”he finally explained.


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