you will pay more IEPS to the Treasury

Through the publication of the respective decree in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) to give it formal validity, the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) announced the new support that will be applied to the prices of gasoline Y diesel in the final week of this 2021, showing these a reduction of the fiscal incentives.

In the period from Saturday 25 to Friday 31 December of this year the Magna gasoline Y Premium, like diesel they will be receiving a lower discount in the amount of Special tax on production and services.

This tax is applied to soft drinks, tobacco products and others, as well as fuel, thus leaving the fees charged the following week for each presentation:

Magna Gasoline. This gasoline, which is characterized by an octane number of 87, went from having support of 47.38% to 45.34% for this week, which is equivalent to an amount of 2.3190 pesos that the farm covers for each liter.

It is therefore up to the driver to cover the 2.7958 pesos remaining when you load green gasoline at gas stations, which per liter will be 10 cents more than the last period.

Premium Gasoline. With 92 octane, this fuel presentation also had a decrease in SHCP discounts, from 14.74% to 12.97%.

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That is why in the week support of 0.5603 pesos per liter will be received, and the motorist will pay 3.7589 pesos IEPS fee when you put gas in your car tank, 14 cents more expensive.

The Diesel There were also changes in the support for this hydrocarbon, so the discount fell from 30.30% to a level of 30.67% for this week, which corresponds to a support of 1.7241 per liter, so when loading this oil derivative you will pay 3.8971 pesos per liter, 10 cents more than the previous week.

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The Special Tax on Production and Services is a charge that is applied to these consumer goods and that, when receiving discounts on a product, such as fuel, seeks to reduce the impact of price variations so that it does not affect consumers with volatility.

But it must be borne in mind that, even if this pushes prices down, they will be their own. dealers of gasoline those who set the final price at consumer, despite official support.

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