Why did Julio César Chávez Jr refuse to train with Canelo Álvarez?

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. assured that Eddy reynoso offered to train him, although he was reluctant to that possibility and even pointed out that he would rather go into the ring without conditions than work next to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

After his fight against David Zegarra on Saturday in Culiacán, Reynoso wrote a message of encouragement dedicated to Julito, aware that it is not easy to complete a fight when he comes from being inactive, in addition to appreciating his desire to regain a place in boxing, even if it would not be the only gesture he had.

In one of his transmissions that he makes on Instagram and after being questioned about the possibility of having a second fight against Canelo, the Son of Legend pointed how complex it is to fulfill that wish, from there to point out the rapprochement that there was with the strategist and his refusal to train with the Guadalajara.

“What is Canelo going to want to fight? Not even how I saw myself … Imagine being there! I prefer to go up without conditions without being there“said Chávez Jr.

“Eddy Reynoso wants to train me, he’s a good person, he’s a good coach, but I’d rather go up unconditionally than be there.He is more aware, he says more than anything what he sees, not what he has to say, “he added.

Chávez, open to facing Jake Paul

Regarding the possibility of having a meeting with the youtuber Jake Paul, Jr. acknowledged that he is open, and I would just wait for a negotiation to develop.


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