Miguel Ángel González advances in his drug rehabilitation

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Two months after her party life went viral Miguel Ángel “the Magician” González, the progress it shows in its recovery is important, to the extent that Mauricio Sulaiman, head of the organism, released a video where he shows his joy for the change he experiences.

After the stir it caused on social networks, the former lightweight champion of the World Boxing Council He was transferred to the Hacienda Nueva Vida addiction clinic in Ecatepec, and there they have sought to reintegrate him into society at the hands of the body itself.

According to versions of people who work in said institution, the Magician has been enthusiastic and he is even open to teaching boxing to young people with whom he shares a stay, all with the aim of getting them away from vices.

He is expected to spend at least five to six more months in there.This was ultimately to combat a problem that his family had not been able to deal with.

“He is not homeless”

Last October, Fernanda González, daughter of the former boxer, commented that his dad had the means to live a decent life, although the party beat him.

“My dad is not a bum. He has had no need. He grew up in Roma and has friends there. He won the party and stayed there. When someone did not bring tennis shoes or a jacket, and if he saw someone in need, he gave it to them (…) He has to live quite well, but he won the party, as happened to other boxers ”, he clarified.


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