Doña Cuquita’s doctor reveals details of the health of Vicente Fernández’s widow; this is the disease he suffers

María del Refugio Abarca, known as Doña CuquitaHe was Vicente Fernández’s great love and he remained with the singer at all times when he was hospitalized, however, the concern and grief wreaked havoc on the health of “Chente’s” widow.

The Fernández family has been more united than ever after the death of “Charro de Huentitán” on December 12, especially taking care of the health of the singer’s wife who a few months ago underwent emergency surgery for a hernia in her belly.

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Although for now it is his daughter Alejandra Fernández who remains closest to her mother, this due to the health problems that she has presented and that keep the doctors attentive.

Doña Cuquita’s health problems. Photo: Instagram

Was the gastroenterologist Gabriel Galván, Doña Cuquita’s doctor, who revealed details about the singer’s wife’s state of health and pointed out that she has had some problems with her digestive system although it has been taken care of.

“Alejandra brings it short. Cuquita is very ‘I’m fine’ because she is very strong, but really, she does battle a little with her digestive system“Said the doctor in an interview for Al Rojo Vivo.

The tough decision of Doña Cuquita

The matriarch of the Fernández dynasty has been stronger than ever despite the difficult time her family is going through, as she decided to leave the place where she was all these months to return to live at her ranch “Los Tres Potrillos”.

Doña Cuquita was living in an apartment near the hospital where Vicente Fernández was for four months, all to stay close and attentive to the progress of her health, said her grandson Alex Fernández.

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Doña Cuquita returns to the ranch “Los Tres Potrillos”. Photo: Instagram

In a meeting with the media, the son of “The foal“She explained that her grandmother decided to return to live on her ranch where she has many memories with her husband, a decision that surprised everyone:”My grandmother has very large ovaries and he wanted to go to the ranch, he said he wanted to go yes or yes. She is at peace ”.

“I gave my opinion that you shouldn’t leave my grandmother alone, much less let her go to the ranch. I was living in an apartment near the city, while my grandfather was in the hospital and I said that right now the worst thing he can do is go to the ranch and you have to be with her 24/7 because that’s when she needs us the most, “he added.


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