Victoria Zarate saw positive the realization of virtual physical activation classes during the pandemic

Tlaxcala, Tlax.- The experience of sharing routines in virtual physical activation during confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic, for runner Victoria Zárate Quechol was enriching.

Because it gave him the opportunity to share with his coach Marco Teomitzi the benefits of exercising to improve health.

“Encouraging physical activity and sport is very important why, because it encourages doing physical activity, a sport, and what will this bring us, well, good physical and mental health that now in a pandemic we saw that without physical and mental health , we are nothing”

This activity required him to prepare more in topics related to physical activation, in order to give advice with a scientific knowledge base.

“Of course and not only prepare for training, no, also prepare by reading in a matter of taking nutrition courses to give advice because it must be taken into account that to have a good result they are bases in hydration, food and rest”

He is currently in talks with the sports department of Chiautempan, to give continuity to the activation project but already in person.


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