Julio César Chávez Jr inhaled substance in fight against Zegarra

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is involved in a new controversy over a video that has gone viral and in which sneakily inhaling a substance while he was in his corner during the fight he had against David Zegarra that took place over the weekend in Culiacán.

Although he spent about four months in a rehabilitation center, the Son of the Legend questioned that he had freed himself from his addictions, since Before starting the eighth round, it is clear how his coach brings him an inhaler that you use a couple of times until giving it to another member who was in the corner.

Highlight that the action was done stealthily, although there were conditions to defend the use, since the previous days Julito had an illness that could well put the meeting in question, although he did not want to cancel it. Even between

The above was reinforced by the coach, who commented that the Jr. wasn’t 100 percent, something that could even be perceived between episodes, since it was difficult for him to breathe normally.

“He entered the fight a little sick and he wanted to enter to show all his people and not leave them bad, not abandon the fight like many fighters do, “said Chávez Jr.’s trainer for the YouTube TV Boxeo portal.

‘Vice ended it’

In the week before the match against Zegarra, Nacho Beristain, who was Chávez Jr.’s coach in the loss to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez pointed out that addictions were what ended the career of a young man who had a great future.


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