The representatives continue to ‘hunt’ commissions in the negotiation between Chivas and Cruz Azul

Roberto Alvarado you already have an agreement with Chivas. Negotiations with Blue Cross They are so advanced that only one signature is missing that will make the Louse the star reinforcement of the Herd for the next Closing 2022. What’s more, Uriel antuna, the other involved in the barter, also would have reached an arrangement with the cement workers.

+ Chivas stove football heading to the 2022 Clausura of the MX League +

Same case for Alejandro mayorga, who will go to La Maquina as the third point of a triangle that will break the Mexican soccer market. However, despite the fact that all parties have said ‘Ok’, there is still no official announcement in any of the clubs or players.

According to information published by ESPN, the situation is happening right now for the representatives, who have not yet agreed on their percentages and commissions in the negotiations. Always and according to this information, this is the detail that has stopped the operation between rojiblancos and cement manufacturers.

“The reps are the ones who make things take time, they want their commissions of 10 percent of the value of the deal and then they charge the players another percentage. They are the main interested in the players moving from one team to another because they earn a lot of money with each transfer, that is why they warm the players’ heads: it is not convenient for the representatives to stay in one team for a long time ”a source told ESPN.

“In any case, the negotiation is already very advanced and it is already close to signing all the players”, concludes the cited source, who affirms that these last details will not deprive the arrival of Roberto Alvarado to Akron or that of Antuna and Mayorga to the Azteca Stadium.


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