Pablo Aguilar confirms that Cruz Azul is looking for a center-back and slides the name of Paraguayan Alexis Duarte

With the departure of Alexis Peña practically confirmed, added to the casualties of Jaiber Jiménez and Josué Reyes, The Cruz Azul board of directors is leading the way in the search for at least two defenders for the 2022 Clausura tournament. The idea is that one is a left back, while the other should play as a center back.

Everything indicates that the celestial marker will be Alejandro Mayorga, but the defender has not yet been defined. Y this morning Pablo Aguilar, in conversation with the radio AM Cardinal of Paraguay, confirmed that the club is looking for yes or yes to another player in his position. National or foreign? It can come from Liga MX or from abroad, without problems.

One of the names that began to gain strength in recent days was Alexis Duarte. The Guaraní defender today plays in Cerro Porteño, he is 21 years old, in 2020 he was chosen as a revelation player in his league, and Aguilar opened up to receive another compatriot behind Cruz Azul, just as he already welcomed Juan Escobar.

“That they are looking for a center-back, yes they are. Hence the interest in A or B player, I don’t know. But if he is a compatriot of ours, he will always be welcome (about Alexis Duarte) “, noted Pablito in AM Cardinal. What does this mean? He hinted that Duarte is an option to get to the Machine.

For now in Cerro Porteño they have not received direct offers from Cruz Azul for the Pulpito pass. They have already rejected offers from Necaxa, Talleres de Córdoba (Argentina) and Vancouver Whitecaps (Canada, MLS), so it does not seem unreasonable that it could arrive in Liga MX.


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