Marcelo Míchel Leaño receives a harsh warning from one of the Chivas de Guadalajara players

Marcelo Míchel Leaño still does not have the players he needs in Chivas de Guadalajara, but one of the players in the squad ended up sending him a harsh warning.

Chivas de Guadalajara has still not been able to get hold of the contracts that Marcelo Míchel Leaño demanded from the owner of the club Amaury Vergara and the sports director Ricaro Peláez, but he ended up being warned by one of the players on the squad.

The Mexican strategist is in the process of analyzing the workforce of the Flock to try to raise the football quality with respect to participation in the 2021 Apertura Tournament in which they were eliminated in the playoff zone at the hands of Puebla.

However, Isaac Brizuela ended up giving him a warning about the football objectives pursued by the players of the rojiblanco team to meet the strategic demands.

“In the last games we saw the way we work, now we take care of the ball more, we are more aggressive and I think that in the three lines we look more compact. When we have the ball we take care of it and try to arrive with more players to the rival goal, that is what it was costing us. We did not accompany the forwards, “the attacker said in the first instance for the Record medium.

“When we lose the ball, we are very aggressive, we want to get it back immediately. We know where our teammates are standing and that makes things easier. You have to remember the things that made us grow,” he added.

Finally, he assured: “We have to take advantage of every opportunity. We have to respond to our teammates. We want to help with goals and taking balls from the opponent’s field. I am sure that all my teammates who are on the offensive side think the same way. We are committed to scoring goals, having a lot of arrival and being very thoughtful to make the best decision. “


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