Liga MX: Gianluigi Buffon reveals that he would like to play in Liga MX

ANDthe historic Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon, who currently defends the colors of the Parma Calcio from Serie B of Italy, it is clear that as soon as he retires from football wants to continue in the world of football, Although he has not yet decided whether as a manager or a technician, but what he does know is the destination where he would like to do it.

“If you ask me what I will do tomorrow, the truth is, I don’t know whether to be a leader or a technician; I want to master English, be a leader in the United States or Australia “, declared the goalkeeper in an interview for TUDN.

Before ‘hanging up the gloves’, Buffon I will not rule out trying your luck on another continent And he even revealed that he found it interesting to play in the MX League or even the MLS, the destination of many European stars.

“These are experiences that I would like to have (playing in Mexico and the United States), after returning to Parma to Serie A, we’ll see what happens, “added the goalkeeper.

Win the Champions, his pending account

On other issues, the legendary goalkeeper acknowledged that If you have a pending task in football at club level it is to win the Champions League, The only tournament that has been denied, and for which, it is still active.

“The fact that I didn’t win the Champions League is what keeps my competitive spirit alive. I stay fit and I respect my profession for it. Maybe if he had won the Champions League he would already be retired because he would not have some important objective to achieve, “revealed Buffon.

Finally, ‘Gigi’, listed the goalkeepers who are the best today, although he stressed that his compatriot Gianluigi Donnarumma, will be the one who stands out the most in the short term.

“Oblack, Courtois, Neuer, Ter Stegen, Donnarumma, Navas. I don’t have one who is a step above the rest. Who could climb that step may be Donnarumma, he has the potential to, within a year, be able to stand out from the rest. “


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