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The prestigious publication Archives of Medical Science (AMS), of the Termedia group, has echoed the latest research published by the Laboratory of the Institute for Biomedical Research “Alberto Sols” and Alkanatur in relation to alkaline water and its beneficial effects on tumors and hypertension.

This publication focuses on specialized articles signed by young scientists from all over the planet when their research has a relevance that may interest not only the scientific community but also on a social level.

For a long time, when talking about health and the great ailments of this century (cancer and hypertension), the focus has been on diet. The need to follow a balanced and healthy diet is undoubtedly one of the pillars that improve the immune system and also prevent certain ailments.

The study highlights that cancer is a complex disease in which the nutritional and metabolic status of the patient plays an important role. But there is also an added element in the equation that, unfortunately, has hardly been studied and that has been tested in the laboratory.

Alkaline water has been the focus of the study. Assessing, as stated by Dr. María Monsalve, how the regular consumption of any tap water can affect health is complex because each water, depending on the area, has different characteristics.

The potential of alkaline water to affect tumor development and hypertension has long been debated, but there have, until now, few studies that have focused on demonstrating or proving the effects, if any.

In this scenario, a study began where “our objective was to determine the impact of daily intake of filtered alkaline water (Alkanatur®) in front of tap water, from the city of Madrid, on tumor development in mice”Explains Dr. Monsalve, at the head of a team that from the Laboratory of the Institute for Biomedical Research“ Alberto Sols ”(CSIC-UAM) started the whole study.

In order to do this, mice affected by tumors were taken as a reference, which were exposed, in two groups, to tap water from the institute itself and to water previously filtered thanks to the Alkanatur Jars to obtain alkaline water, respectively.

After analyzing the impact for weeks, among the conclusions of the medical team, they highlighted that “The evaluation of the effect of alkaline water on tumor development using three complementary mouse models, for initiation, development of primary tumors and metastasis, suggests that the most obvious and significant difference between animals that ingest tap water and water alkaline is found in the vasculature. Although tumors alter vascular stability in animals that drink alkaline water, vascular structures appeared to be better preserved, with reduced thickening of the middle layer, better endothelial coverage, and reduced tortuosity, characteristics that could be the underlying cause of the observed reduced formation of metastatic nodes

Alkaline water also has an advantage over tap water in benefits against hypertension

Generally, hypertension is also associated with chronic inflammation. “Consumption of alkaline water resulted in the reduction of the levels of all cytokines tested in rats. alkaline water significantly decreased the detectable antioxidant capacity in plasma. This decrease was significant for fast antioxidants (Q1), slow antioxidants (Q2) or their combination (QT). Therefore, the consumption of alkaline water could have some beneficial effects on hypertension that are associated with a better vasodilator response and a reduction in inflammation.”They explain from the laboratory.

The conclusion reached by the team from the “Alberto Sols” Biomedical Research Institute Laboratory is clear: “Our study not only supports the potential beneficial effects of using a water filtration system, but also highlights the urgent need for similar studies that foster discussion within the scientific community about what is and what is not important in water that we drink”.


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