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Finally, today the transfer of Sebas Córdova to the Ti-gue-res is made official. The Olympian will be signing the contractual link in San Nico and that’s it. I’ll tell you how the signing took place, which brings jiribilla.

From the outset, Culebro and Herrera were looking in the Mexican market for a young offensive midfielder who could start at the Volcán, and if he is a national, better, because of cost and not to occupy one of the places that are left for foreigners. You did not have to break your head to understand that there were few options, basically it was reduced to two: the ’10’ of America and another medalist, of the age of Sebas and with a similar level: Alexis Vega.

And another characteristic that they both share: their clubs needed to sell them. Chivas is afraid of the former from Toluca, whose contract is about to expire, of not doing a ‘Cruz Azul’, that is, that they will not be able to renew it and that they will go free the following summer, so if there is a good offer that will be Go ahead and drop a wool on the cash register. Y America, that you already know that he can’t take Córdova’s attitudes anymore.

Culebro made it so clear to Piojo: both players cost the same, about six melons from the gringos, so you had to choose. Herrera was quick to reply, as he knows Sebas well enough. The president of Ti-gue-res spoke with the medalist of America, he loved the idea and so they went for the player. In the Nest they were fascinated to sell it now. Quantities were discussed and the arrangement came quickly.


Now, what happens in the Flock with Alexis? Well, from the outset, what from Antuna to La Maquina is about to become official this week, with the arrival of Piojo Alvarado to Guadalajara.

For this reason, Peláez knows that he must tie Vega up, and although the board has spent most of this semester trying to negotiate the extension, his representative pretends that the Virgin is speaking to him.

Alexis is with the promoter Alex López, who wants to take Vega to Europe for free in the summer, something similar to what happens with Romo in Cruz Azul, but with a big difference: in the case of Vega, Chivas has made a point of it. They have greatly improved the contract for the proposal, something that does not happen with the cement manufacturer.

So López is stretching the league to the maximum, with another difference: that he does not have any offer from Europe, something that Romo and his representative have already closed and are going to put on the celestial table since January, when they can already negotiate openly.


Now, to give an example of what the promoter Alex López does, it is enough to remember what happened to one of the guys who took advantage of his desire to emigrate and his well-off economic situation: Eugenio Pizzuto, whose father he coaxed into signing with him Lille, where he has not played and is still injured.

In order to tie up the guy and hang the medal, because he advised them not to renew with Pachuca to leave for free, he did the fast-track negotiation with the French club and, oh, surprise, today he pays the consequences.

It turns out that López did not know how to review the French legislation in terms of what he should really charge as an intermediary, and how he charged double for various concepts, today he is in trouble with the law of that country. So you can see that it is not so easy.


Around there I read comments that Pizarro could go back to MX League, which seemed crazy to me. First because he still has an MLS contract with Inter Miami, and then because of the options. Chivas does not have a salary margin or bombastic purchase, although surely the player would love to return to the Perla Tapatia. And later, about Rayados: they have already forgotten that Rodolfo left Monterrey in the middle of a legal lawsuit, because the royals sued the Florida club for besieging their player outside the times established by FIFA, so there is no good relationship to ask to return to the Sultana. In short, I see in Chinese that I can soon return to play in Mexico.


Now I’ll tell you about my Golden Orbelín, who continues to train with The Machine until his contract ends, at the end of the month. I already told you that it has been arranged with Celta de Vigo, and it remains the same, but there is a mitigating factor to be resolved: since it does not have a community passport, the Galician club needs to free a foreign place.

There is a solution on the doorstep. First, I have to explain to you that Coudet, Celta’s helmsman, is urgent to have Pineda already, Chacho was the one who requested it from the club, so together with the board they probed which player they can cancel to register the Mexican and appears Already the first candidate: Tiago Galhardo, a Brazilian striker who only arrived last August, who was not a response on offense and who carries many injuries, he even missed the last league game due to a hamstring problem.

They tell me that the Galician leadership is trying to resolve this exit to make room for Orbe so that it can join in January. But if it is not possible, Pineda could go to play on loan to another Spanish club, even in Mexico, so that he does not lose rhythm, but already with a contract with the Vigo team, and that he goes to the World Cup already with his debut in Spain.


And on the way out, just as I saw the pachanga that UEFA set up with the bass drums of the Shampions draw, which only passes through the TNT Sports signals, I remembered one that they just told me about and for which I want to send you a I hug my friends that other girls threw away for going to narrate the best club tournament on the planet.

Well, they told me that their new employers warned them that they are not going to think that they are going to pay them the whole year, but that they are going to lose at least a couple of months of salary, in which there are precisely no Shampions to narrate, especially the next year, as the World Cup is going to shorten the calendars and there will be big gaps without European games. So I send you a hug in the face of the complicated situation.



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