‘Sing 2, Come and Sing Again’; with the music inside


CIn his 45-year career as the frontman of U2, Paul Davis Hewson, known as Bono, had not lent his voice to anything beyond his tours and performances. At 61, the Irishman made his debut as a voice actor in the animated film Sing 2, come and sing again by playing an old lion named Clay Calloway, who due to the death of his wife has disappeared from the music scene where he was a legend.

At first I wanted to do a voice like Jack Nicholson, but the director told me, it’s really funny, but that’s not Clay, so you have to find his voice. I found that tone of voice that is heard in the film, “Bono said in the promotion of the film.

Under the direction of Garth Jennings, who directed the first installment of Sing, come and sing which grossed $ 634.2 million, Bono not only joined the English vocal cast, but together with his band created the song Your Song Saved My Life, which is part of the soundtrack of the film that will be released tomorrow.

Also, among the surprises that the film offers, is the duet that Bono and Scarlett Johansson make of the cut Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of.

I hold onto that song very tightly. When I first met Scarlett years ago, she was a girl obsessed with music and to me she is more than a professional. I put on what Scarlett had recorded and they were moved by the version she did of our song, “Bono deepened.

For his part, Johansson, whom we can listen to a version of Summertime, with Massive Attack in the Mexican film Grace daysShe shared that she was fascinated singing with Bono.

We were locked in by the pandemic and everything was so surreal that I said, ‘ok, sure’ when they told me about it. Then I went into the recording studio to do my part and in my mind I thought that I was going to sing like in karaoke, without thinking that I was really going to be a duet with him, “Johansson told The Ellen Show.

Sing 2. Come and sing again brings back the koala Buster Moon and his cast of musical stars, a large group of talented animals with voices, who cling to the idea of ​​proving their worth even though there are those who doubt them. Together they will undertake a trip to the entertainment capital of the world and get into trouble when they sell a play and assure that the musical will be Clay Calloway, who has been missing from the stage for 15 years after the pain he suffered when losing his wife for a terminal illness.

For this second installment, Benny Ibarra as the koala Buster Moon, the sisters Hanna and Ashley from Ha * Ash as the little pig Rosita and the porcupine Ash, respectively, as well as Roger González who will be summoned for the voices in Spanish. brings the gorilla Johnny to life.

To all of them, who worked on the first film five years ago, are added the singer Chayanne, who lent his voice for the lion Clay Calloway and Vadhir Derbez, who gives life to the vain bull Darius.

It was very exciting to join this project because with my family, I was a fan of the first movie. So it was so nice to be able to participate with such talented people, ”said Derbez.

For her part, Hanna reflected on being part of a movie that handles different messages such as dreaming big, having no limits and ignoring criticism from people.

It was very satisfying to be part of the first part, with a message that was perfect with us and when we received the invitation to be part of Sing 2 we don’t think twice. As artists, it is pleasant to be able to transmit such beautiful messages, “said the singer.

He is a father, it is to be part of how a character matures. Each one, in what they do in history, you see them mature, with new ambitions, with new challenges, with fears, healing different parts of their lives and in the case of Buster we see him with bigger projects and taking his company to good effect. port ”, concluded Benny Ibarra.

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