Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in crisis inside the dressing room

Mexico. The team of Paris Saint Germain (PSG) is considered one of the favorites to win the trophy of the Champions League at the beginning of the season since its squad is one of the best due to the quality of its players.

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The Parisian team has great stars of world football such as the French star Kylia Mbappé, the brazilians Neymar and Marquino, and the Argentine Ángel Di María, among others. Added to the arrival for this season of Sergio Ramos, Achraf Hakimi, Gianluigi Donnarumma and the winner of the

Golden Ball
Lionel Messi.

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The squad led by Mauricio Pochettino It was clear that he would have no rival in Ligue 1, which is what is happening, as well as in the Champions League, but the reality at this time is that the PSG it is too far to be considered the main club to obtain “La Orejona” this season.

The French newspaper L’equipe has published an extensive article on the evils and vices that exist in the changing rooms of the Paris saint germain.

Tension between Donnarumma and Keylor Navas

PSG opted for the hiring of Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma to further strengthen his goal and give the Costa Rican competition Keylor Navas. The Central American goalkeeper did not like the signing and the relationship between the two goalkeepers is very tense. L’equipe points out an episode that happened in the match against Nice, whose goalkeeper is Marcin Bulka, who is on loan from the Parisian team. Bulka went on to greet Keylor Navas, and when he told him that they both wore the same brand of gloves, the “Tico” goalkeeper commented that “the best goalkeepers in the world wore that brand”. A comment that was made in front of Donnarumma, who, by bearing another brand, was taken for granted.

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Another thing that does not go down well with the team is Neymar who is used to being the protagonist both on and off the pitch. The French newspaper points out that the club came very close to sanctioning the Brazilian attacker in an important way for not attending a mandatory signing ceremony with one of the sponsors. Finally, PSG refused to fine him for “fears of possible leaks” and the official reason for the absence was that the player did not know if he had to undergo a covid test before the act.

Privileges for players not to attend training sessions

Another problem is the privileges of certain players and certain parties that last until the early hours of the morning and that make them not go to train the next day. An episode lived in recent days with two South American players whose names have not transpired, and who skipped a session without the approval of Pochettino. The party to celebrate the seventh Ballon d’Or by Messi Nor did a certain part of the staff quite like it. Both the Argentine star and Leandro Paredes did not attend the training session the day after, and certain teammates demand a stronger hand from the club to avoid these situations.

The “affair” Mauro Icardi-Wanda Nara also disturb the dressing room. According to L’equipe, the Argentine was granted three days’ leave to “order his marriage,” something that did not sit well with his companions.

And finally, the situation that lives Mbappe and the PSG Regarding the renewal of the French player’s contract, the crisis within the team has increased.


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