Santiago Giménez could arrive in San Luis instead of Chivas

Santiago Gimenez has made several suitors for his performances in the League BBVA MX. Due to his dual nationality, he drew the attention of Chivas who are looking for strikers due to the lack of goal they have dealt with in recent tournaments. But his arrival at the Sacred Flock could be undermined by another club.

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Unai Bilbao has shown its quality in Mexican soccer with Necaxa Y Athletic Saint Luis respectively. Because of this, he caught the attention of cross Blue that he would put ‘Chaquito’ Giménez as a bargaining chip to get the services of the Spanish.

In Chivas It is an unwritten rule, but since its creation it has been a tradition to play with pure Mexican soccer players. This is why, on many occasions, it is difficult for them to find quality reinforcements, in addition to the fact that some teams abuse and raise the price of those born in our country who are wanted by the Sacred Herd.

In addition to everything, the pandemic limited the resources of the rojiblancos, so looking for a signing in the Liga BBVA MX market seems impossible. In fact they have sought to make exchanges such as that of Sebastian Cordova with America or now the new attempt with Cruz Azul to leave Uriel Antuna and Alejandro Mayorga by Roberto Alvarado.

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The two ‘foreigners’ that Chivas is looking for

With information from David Medrano, the Sacred Herd would be willing to hire Santiago Gimenez. The Cruz Azul player is Mexican, due to the dual nationality of his father, “Chaco”, and has played matches with the Mexican National Team, but was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The other man the people of Guadalajara are looking for is Julian Araujo, right back of the Galaxy, who was born in California, United States, and who has even worn the jersey of the National Team of the Stars and Stripes.

Other similar cases in Chivas

Although it would not be the first time that the rojinegros would have to play with footballers not born in our country. There are cases like that of Miguel Ponce and Isaac Brizuela, that they were both born America.

The first match of Chivas at Scream Mexico Opening 2021 will be in front of Mazatlan. The rojiblancos will host the gunners but before that, they will play three games in the preseason.


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