Eddy Reynoso’s message to Julio César Chávez Jr. for his return

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On Saturday night, Julio César Chávez Jr. returned to professional boxing to beat the Peruvian David zegarra in a fight that did not convince the fans, although for Eddy reynoso, coach of Canelo Alvarez, was a reason for ‘pleasure’.

I was delighted to see Julio César Chávez Jr. return to sports!, beyond this fight and what comes for him, it is to be applauded that he is back on the warpath and fighting to be a better human being! Keep working, Jr., that there is still a long way to go, you are a winner, “he wrote Reynoso.

And it is that despite the fact that the performance of Chávez Carrasco In the Palenque of the Culiacán Livestock Fair it did not leave a good taste in his mouth, it did help him to clean his image after suffering a defeat against Anderson Silva, former champion of the UFC, last June.

The heir of Julio César Chávez has struggled for the last year on a personal level after he was admitted to a clinic to treat addictions. In addition, there was a distance between the two due to a controversy in the last exhibition function of the Grand Mexican Champion.

On that occasion, Chávez González He preferred that Saúl Álvarez accompany him in the ring in his last moments, something that did not go down well with his sons Julio and Omar.

Who is Eddy Reynoso?

Eddy Reynoso is the coach of neither more nor less than Canelo Alvarez, with whom he has become famous and recognized worldwide; also works with people of the stature of Ryan García, Andy Ruiz, Óscar Valdez and Frank Sánchez.

He was recognized this year as the best by the World Boxing Council, in addition to enjoying the title of your beloved Atlas and to stand out for their donations to different charitable causes.


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