Why did Macky lash out at Zudikey and Pato? (VIDEO)

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Exatlon Mexico
, Macky he was left without his eternal “rival friend”, so now he lashed out at Zudikey and Pato, as he assured that he does not like the “funny” alliance with the reds.

On yesterday’s program, the three teams faced off on the balance circuit, where Pato was seen supporting the red team, closing in on Zudikey Instead of supporting his fellow Legends, even in his statements he said: “I hope they can eliminate someone from the blue team.”

“What I don’t like is this alliance ‘funny’ with the reds, “said Macky forcefully, who noticed this type of situation from the couple of athletes who are married.

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Pato Araujo is red and controversial

Araujo Duck He has always been characterized in his participation in the most demanding beaches and lands for being involved in discussions and debates due to his temperament and his explosive reactions.

Recently, Pato returned in the Legends team to Exatlon Mexico and he continues to give something to talk about, having attitudes like the one he had yesterday with his wife Zudikey Rodríguez.

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