Stephany Mayor’s aggression circulates on social networks

Monterrey, NL /

Female Tigers you could suffer the suspension of your star Stephany Mayor, since sources close to the Monterrey They ensure that requesting the sanction for the feline player for the attack on Diana García is being studied.

And it is that during the duel of First leg of the Women’s Final, Mayor gave Garcia a strong blow inside the area, when the first part of the match was played.

The ball was not in play between the two of them when suddenly Mayor passed near García and hit him with his arm, causing a strong injury to her nose, for which the Albiazul footballer began to bleed.

Mayor was not reprimanded, since in the Women’s there is no VAR; however, there are videos where the aggression is shown and in Rayadas they analyze protesting before the Disciplinary Commission.

If the punishment is given for Major, it would be a very sensitive loss for the felines; Stephany was the author of the 2-2 in Ida’s duel, scoring a great goal, defining pumped roofing the rival goalkeeper.


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