Rayadas vs Tigres Femenil LIVE today (2-1) | 12/17/2021

11:28 PM2 minutes ago

59 ‘

Change of Tigers. Jana Gutiérrez enters for Natalia Villarreal.

11:18 PM12 minutes ago

51 ‘

Cannon shot from Monsiváis, but the ball ends up crashing in defense.

10:12 PM18 minutes ago

Four. Five’

Actions in Monterrey for the complement resume.

8:56 PM35 minutes ago

45 + 3 ‘

It’s over! The first part ends, Rayadas wins momentarily.

8:49 PM41 minutes ago

41 ‘

Goal, goal, goal by Rayadas! Lizette Rodríguez took advantage of the fact that the goal was left alone and Rodríguez closed the clamp for the second.

8:47 PM43 minutes ago

38 ‘

Rodríguez’s center, but Villarreal appears in the area preventing greater danger from being generated.

9:38 PM an hour ago

30 ‘

Cannon shot from Liliana Mercado, but the ball ends up going sideways.

9:34 PM an hour ago

26 ‘

Change of Stripes. Lizette Rodríguez enters for Cristina Burkenroad who leaves after a strong blow to the head.

9:26 PM an hour ago

18 ‘

Near! Ovalle sent his shot, but the ball ends up crashing into the post.

9:19 PM an hour ago

12 ‘

Goal, goal, goal by Rayadas! Centro by Evangelista and Cristina Ferral ends up scoring at their own door when trying to get the ball out.

9:17 PM an hour ago

9 ‘

Near! Stealing the ball from the locals, they end up sending the ball for Monsiváis, but the latter fails to define in a good way.

9:17 PM an hour ago

6 ‘

Duel that started quite moved, both teams had arrivals in the first minutes.

9:07 PM an hour ago

0 ‘

Actions start at BBVA, the ball rolls in the Final of the Liga MX Femenil.

8:58 PM2 hours ago

XI Tigres Women

C. Santiago; B. Sierra, G. Espinoza; N. Antonio, L. Mercado, L. Ovalle, C. Ferra, N. Villarreal, B. Cruz, M. Sánchez; S. Major.

7:57 PM2 hours ago

XI Striped

A. Godínez; R. Bernal, M. Flores, A. Calderón, M. Cadena; D. Evangelista, Y. Franco, D. García; C. Burkenroad, D. Monsiváis, A. Aviléz.

8:50 PM2 hours ago

They are coming!

The fans of both teams are already at BBVA, tonight they will seek to weigh in to support their team respectively and thus come out with an advantage.

7:48 PM2 hours ago

Are present

8:42 PM2 hours ago

They arrived

Las Rayadas are already at BBVA, tonight, with Eva Espejo at the helm, they will seek to come out with an advantage.

8:37 PM2 hours ago

Be careful with this player

Desirée Monsiváis is who the feline defense has to pay special attention to, with her good game, she has 14 goals in the current tournament and tonight she will try to continue adding.

8:32 PM2 hours ago

What a return!

For this duel, Katty Martínez was called up again after an injury that left her out for several days.

8:27 PM2 hours ago

What a fact!

Tigres has won three finals of the Liga MX Femenil against Rayadas, in addition; they haven’t lost in 8 of their last 9 road games.

8:22 PM2 hours ago

That beauty!

8:17 PM2 hours ago

Last duels

Tigres predominates in the meetings that these teams have had previously, with 9 victories against 5 of the Rayadas and eight draws.

8:12 PM2 hours ago

We started

Good evening, welcome to the minute by minute match between Rayadas and Tigres Femenil; The duel corresponds to the First Leg Final of the 2021 Opening of the MX Women’s League and will start in approximately one hour. We will share the most relevant information with you shortly, as well as the confirmed lineups.

7:07 PM2 hours ago

Do not detach yourself from here to follow the Rayadas vs Tigres Femenil live

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups, Rayadas vs Tigres Femenil, live, as well as the latest information from the BBVA Stadium. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

7:02 PM2 hours ago

Where and how to watch Rayadas vs Tigres Femenil online and live

7:57 PM3 hours ago

Last lineup of Tigres Femenil

7:52 PM3 hours ago

Rayadas last lineup

A. Godínez, A. Calderón, M. Cadena, R. Bernal, M. Flores, D. Evangelista, D. García, Y. Franco, L. Rodríguez, D. Monsiváis, A. Aviléz.

7:47 PM3 hours ago

Women’s Tigres Statements

7:42 PM3 hours ago

Striped Statements

7:37 PM3 hours ago

To add one more title

7:32 PM3 hours ago

For the three-time championship

7:27 PM3 hours ago

The game will be played at the BBVA Stadium

The Rayadas vs Tigres Femenil match will be played at the BBVA Stadium, located in San Nicolás, Monterrey. The capacity of the property is 37,180 people.

7:22 PM3 hours ago

Good evening to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Rayadas vs Tigres Femenil, corresponding to the First Leg Final of the Apertura 2021 of the Liga MX Femenil. The meeting will take place at the BBVA Stadium at 9:00 p.m.


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