Sergio Pérez won one or two more years with Red Bull, says Jo Ramírez

Sergio Pérez won one or two more years with Red Bull after the duel he had with Lewis Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and which allowed Max Verstappen to reduce the distance with the Briton and continue in the fight for the title, considered Jo Ramirez.

The Mexican, who retired from Formula 1 in 2001 after 40 years of working in the category, 17 of them with McLaren, highlighted Checo’s work in his first season with the Red Bull team, especially in the final race of the calendar. .

“Checo is very good at passing and very good at not letting go and he gave Max Verstappen (in Abu Dhabi) about eight seconds … as he said afterwards: ‘Checo is a legend.’ At least Sergio earned another year or two with Red Bull.

“He did quite well. At the beginning (of the season) he had a hard time adapting to the car, but Verstappen is a ‘beast’, anyone who is going to race with him is going to take time. But when he adjusted, he was doing well. Of all the other drivers that Max has had as teammates, I think that without a doubt he has been the best ”.

For Jo Ramírez, the Mexican Red Bull rider has matured on and off the slopes. it shows, he said, in his statements during interviews. Safe and fair, without losing the floor.

“Checo has done 100 percent what Red Bull wanted him to do. It lacked a little bit in a few races and they didn’t win the Constructors ‘(Championship), but the Drivers’ is the most important.

“He has great qualities, he no longer makes mistakes, maybe he is not that fast in qualifying, but he is an exceptional driver because he never gives up, he goes to more. He’s very good at passing cars, very good at not letting go. It has the ‘race craft’ of the greats ”.

Checo will continue to improve, that is a fact for the legendary Mexican, and perhaps he will compete for the triumphs with Max Verstappen in 2022. The important thing is that he continues his teamwork so that Red Bull can fight, once again, for the title of Constructors.

“I do not know if he will be up to Max, it is difficult, but maybe he does not need it if he is there about two tenths of Verstappen and they will be winning first and second places all year to win the Championship of brands. That Constructors’ Championship is going to be very strong with Mercedes, with George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, two guys who will always be scoring. It’s going to be very interesting, ”added Jo Ramírez.


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