“I’m not interested in talking to Michael Masi”

Three days after the strategic information blackout that the Mercedes team has starred after last Sunday’s disaster in Abu Dhabi, the structure led by Toto Wolff has reappeared with the news of the withdrawal of your appeal on the decision of the commissioners of Yas Marina.

Wolff accepts defeat

The leader of the German team has finally reappeared before the media explaining why he will not appeal the decision of the stewards in Abu Dhabi: “We have decided not to appeal because we would not have recovered the resultWolff has commented according to journalist Adam Cooper.

Mercedes had the deadline to present its appeal on Thursday, December 16 at 8:30 p.m. Spanish time. However, FIA President Jean Todt has expressed the organization’s interest in investigating the controversial safety car event during the final laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

This decision has meant that Mercedes backs down in its legal offensive: “The FIA ​​has taken the right step. The president has convinced the World Motor Racing Council to establish a commission in order to analyze the incidents of the Abu Dhabi race and thus avoid any such situation in the future.”Wolff has revealed in an interview with several journalists at noon.

Toto has also transmitted that he is not the only team chief who is upset by the controversial decisions made by Race Direction in recent races: “Most sports stakeholders share my frustration for the decisions that have been made throughout the year“Said the Austrian manager, who is still suspicious of the real intentions of the FIA ​​in the investigation they will carry out during the winter:”The FIA ​​must decide if they will bother to advance“, has added.

Finally, Wolff is adamant that free interpretation of the rules has notoriously hurt Lewis Hamilton, who was deprived of his eighth world title last Sunday in the United Arab Emirates. That is why Toto doubts whether the seven-time champion wishes to continue competing in the Great Circus: “I hope Lewis continues because he is the best driver of all time. I believe that, as a pilot, your heart will keep asking you to run”, He wished.

As a result of this event, Wolff has been asked if he will be willing to talk with the Formula 1 race director and head of the safety car presence in Abu Dhabi: “I’m not interested in having a conversation with Michael Masi“, it is finished.

Neither Lewis Hamilton nor Toto Wolff will be attending the FIA ​​awards gala tonight. The Mercedes structure will be represented by James allison, which will pick up the eighth constructors’ title of the star team.

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