111 students of the XVIII generation of Medicine receive recognition of completion of studies

Posted note: 2021-12-14

Hermosillo, Sonora, December 14, 2021.- The eighteenth generation of the Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Sonora, made up of 111 students who will start their internship next year, received their completion certificate.

The long-awaited document for which they worked from 2017 to 2021, was given to them by university authorities and their generation godfather, Dr. Sergio Trujillo López, who reminded them of those days when they began to practice in simulation laboratories with great insecurity and more. Doubts.

“I remember how some entered with such curiosity, but at the same time, with a lot of insecurity; I enjoyed seeing how you surpassed yourselves, “he commented in his speech while recommending that they continue with that curiosity, which is a very necessary quality in this profession in which one must never stop questioning.

He recognized the effort of each of the members of the 2017-2021 generation for having continued with the studies they chose despite the situation we are going through and the individual difficulties that each one has overcome.

“Medicine is so wide that there is space for all tastes, set your own goals, if you want to be the best specialist, if you want to be the best researcher, if you want to be the best general practitioner, be the best, but it is also valid to be good without looking to be the best; Success is subjective, do not seek the success of others, seek your own success, and that your happiness and satisfaction be involved in this, ”he added.

Give your best with perseverance, dedication and love, commitment

At the event, held at the Centro de las Artes Convention Center, Laura Vianey Gamboa del Castillo spoke on behalf of her generation companions and recalled how dreams come true, of seeing how those boys and girls dreamed of helping the others and now they are closer to doing so.

“Let’s be those doctors with a spirit of service that we imagined when we just entered the race. It may not be easy, we will face new adversities, both academic and personal, but we must trust our abilities wherever this path takes us.

“Let us give the best of ourselves with perseverance, dedication and, above all, with deep love,” he said, noting that it is the duty of this generation to lay the foundations with a good example. “While it is true that we are the doctors of tomorrow, our work begins today.”

Laura Vianey Gamboa del Castillo thanked her colleagues for walking together and the University of Sonora, with its teachers and workers, for training them as professionals in optimal conditions.

“Thank you to all our teachers for having planted the seed of learning in us, for having dedicated their time and for having shared their wisdom, their experiences and their unconditional support during each semester,” he added, personally recognizing the godfather of the generation, Sergio Trujillo. López, as well as posthumously to doctors Norberto Sotelo Cruz and Alfredo Padilla Barba, who were not only a great example before and after their departure from the underworld.

He also thanked his parents, family, friends and colleagues for the support received, and those who were in some way his support in the journey of his career but who advanced on the path of life.

Fight to be happy and whole: Joel Enrique Espejel

At the time, the Secretary of the Vice-Rector’s Unit of the Central Regional Unit, Joel Enrique Espejel Blanco, referred to great and important moments and characters in the history of modern medicine and when he congratulated the graduates for being part of a generation formed in a program of great quality and strength.

He pointed out that one of the great challenges will undoubtedly be adjusting to the new normal, as well as facing and assuming the pandemic scenarios and the commitments of a virtual reality that COVID-19 brought us, but at the same time, he stressed that getting ahead with These circumstances show that the University of Sonora has quality and strength in all its educational programs.

“All thanks to the main bastions, the reason for being and being of the institution that are our student community and its teachers, reason and fundamental feeling, to continue feeling the pride of being part of the University of Sonora and exalting our institutional motto.

“Remember, ’employment is nature’s doctor and is essential for human happiness’, strive to make those who need you happy and full and contribute your sensitivity and awareness to each upcoming medical act,” he said.

Juan Carlos Gálvez Ruiz, director of the Division of Biological and Health Sciences, highlighted the importance of those who decide to study medicine, since they always want to make a change in society.

“They have taught us with their tenacity and effort that we can always do things better,” he acknowledged and said that, although this generation has been diminished by situations related to the pandemic, it has managed to stand out and face the challenges that have been faced. presented.

In his welcoming speech to the event, Gálvez Ruiz invited the graduates to conduct themselves with honesty and ethics and to continue promoting the name of the highest university in Sonora as they have already done at the time of internal and external evaluations such as the EGEL exams.

Among the special guests, the presence of Jorge Isaac Cardoza Amador, head of the Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Guillermo Hernández Chávez, coordinator of the Bachelor of Medicine program, stood out.


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