La Jornada Maya – They report almost a month with a shortage of medicine for HIV in ISSSTE Yucatán

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Pablo Alemán, founder of RepaVIH, asks for support from society to donate the drug Movitrem or Truvada, as they have evidence that it suffers from a shortage at the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) since November 23, and the quality of life of those living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) depends on its administration.

“Just a week ago they began to contact us and three people have already asked us for support”, seeing the panorama and knowing that the institute cares for at least a thousand patients with the disease, the director of the association began a dialogue with the corresponding authorities to ask for solutions, “but there has been no response”, although they were told that they would take care of it.

Today he expects to receive 30 pills and he already has another 15, which already have a beneficiary, however, being a medicine that they take once a day every day, this is still insufficient, especially, considering that in the ISSSTE Yucatán serves patients from all over the peninsula.

In RepaVIH they maintain constant monitoring to know if the medication is complete for all people with the disease in Yucatan, therefore, now that they are aware of this shortage, they ask citizens to surplus them or, due to a change in the scheme, no longer they require it, donate them to deliver to those in need.

“This drug in the IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) is 100 percent of supply, has not suffered problems and they are giving it to people who do not have HIV as pre-exposure treatment.”

Some of the people who are receiving this drug preventively, he said, are zero discordant, meaning they have an HIV-positive partner or sex workers.

And, although this medication is being delivered preventively in other states as well, he questions whether Yucatán was ready to take that step, “in my particular case, the opinion of Pablo Alemán, who has had HIV for 21 years and I do volunteer work For 18 years in RepaVIH, in my opinion it is more feasible to use a condom ”.

From his point of view, it is necessary to disclose that using a condom is necessary, as much as the need to use a mask and antibacterial gel has spread.

With information from the Epidemiological Bulletin of the HIV Epidemiological Surveillance System, in Yucatan from 1983 to 2021 10,310 cases have been diagnosed, of which 8,797 are men and 1,513 are women.

In this 2021 they have detected 438 new cases in Yucatan, 396 men and 42 women; It is the fifth entity with the highest rate of new cases this year, with a rate of 19.22 per 100,000 inhabitants.

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Edition: Estefanía Cardeña


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