This is how Vicente Fernández ended up in hospital and his health worsened

During 2021 Vicente Fernández set off the alarms because he had to go to the emergency hospital twice, in the last the singer stayed for more than four monthsLittle by little, his health deteriorated and he died at the age of 81, leaving the entertainment world in mourning.

During all these months, Vicente Fernández’s family remained hermetic and through medical reports published on the social networks of Charro de Huentitán updates were given on his state of health, which worsened in early December.

Vicente Fernández suffers a fall

It was in August that Vicente Fernández had to be hospitalized and admitted to intensive care after having suffered a fall in his house. This caused him to injure some cervicals and after several studies, he underwent surgery. His son, Vicente Jr, was in charge of explaining to the media what was happening and mentioned that his father was sedated.

“Thank you very much for being aware of my father’s health. At the moment he is having the progress and recovery that the doctors are waiting for. It is a cervical injury,” he said in an interview with Paola Rojas.

A short time later the family issued a statement in which they mentioned that Vicente Fernández was in serious condition, but stable and on ventilatory assistance.

Everything seemed that Vicente Fernández would recover since after the operation and despite continuing with ventilatory assistance, he only had half sedation and his organs were working fine. However, at a press conference given by one of the doctors who were treating the singer, it was revealed that after the fall he suffered, he had no movement in any limb.

They confirm that he suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome

Two weeks had passed since Vicente Fernández was in the hospital, had already performed a tracheostomy and in reports it had been reported that the interpreter of Beautiful darling He was no longer sedated, awake, and interacting with his family.

However, days later Vicente Fernández Jr confirmed in an interview with First impact that after conducting some studies, the doctors detected that the Charro de Huentitán suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome, a condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves and symptoms range from weakness and tingling in the extremities.

“Fortunately it was detected very early, it already has treatment and it will be a treatment with a slow response, as the doctors said,” said Vicente Jr who also mentioned that thanks to the therapies his father was already moving the fingers of his right hand and trying to breathe spontaneously.

The singer had also had a gastronomy, this in order to feed it through a tube.

You have inflammation in the airways

In September it was reported in a medical report that Vicente Fernández presented an inflammation in the airways linked to the assisted ventilation he has used since he was admitted to the hospital. On the other hand, he still had swallowing problems.

At first, reports on Vicente Fernández’s state of health were given every third day, but over time, they were published on his social networks every two weeks. because the singer was showing slow progress in his improvement.

Vicente Fernández leaves intensive care

In October Vicente Fernández’s doctors reported that the singer was still stable, so if he continued like this there was the possibility that he would leave intensive care and continue with your care and therapies in a room.

Finally, at the end of that month it was reported that the singer He had left the intensive care area, news that undoubtedly gave his family a lot of hope.

“Don Vicente Fernández remains stable, more alert and cooperative in rehabilitation therapy. His respiratory effort remains weak, which requires intermittent support. We are in a convalescent phase where we continue treatment and close monitoring. Even so, the recovery of function mobility is slow, but progressive, “the statement read.

The good news continued since Vicente Fernández had had an improvement and even I was no longer wearing the respirator for a long time. It was also emphasized that he was still awake during the day and with greater interaction.

“We are proud to inform you that it has been possible to dissociate from mechanical ventilation (remove the respirator completely) in periods of up to one hour, and that it has increased its pulmonary effort to emit vocalization, which is part of the rehabilitation process. pulmonary ”, it was read in one of the reports of the state of health of the singer.

Vicente Fernández returns to intensive care and his health worsens

At the end of November, just two weeks after the improvement in the state of health of the interpreter of The king, the doctors made the decision to return Vicente Fernández to intensive care for pneumonia. Although he was stable, the doctors preferred that the famous one return to this area as a precaution.

A week after releasing this news, it was speculated that the health of Vicente Fernández had worsened, something that had not been confirmed, until last December 10 when Vicente Fernández Jr spoke with the media and revealed that his father was seriously ill.

“He is serious, he is delicate. We ask for your prayers, the doctors will say what they have to say.”

A day later, a new statement was published on Vicente Fernández’s Instagram account revealing that he had increased inflammation in his airways and that his condition was critical.

“Sedation was required to maintain comfort. Multidisciplinary management continues. His condition today is critical. Very guarded prognosis.”

After this, the family did not give more details about the singer’s state of health until it was announced that eThe interpreter of This jealousy passed away at age 81 this December 12 at 6:15 am due to a multi-organ failure.



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