Inauguration San Javier Torre 2

It is recognized for integrating areas of diagnosis and treatment of various medical specialties, among them, brain surgery and interventionism and bariatric, oncological, spine and cardiac surgeries, likewise, it is distinguished by its ECMO center and by monitoring the transplant project ( heart, kidney, liver, parathyroid or multi-organ) that began more than 20 years ago.

Today Hospital San Javier concludes its third structural stage, San Javier Torre 2, which will allow it to offer a greater number of rooms for hospitalization, specialized operating rooms in different branches of outpatient surgery and endoscopy, in addition to a greater number of coronary critical care units.

On December 6, the inaugural ceremony of the tower was held, with the presence of important authorities and municipal, academic, business and health sector representatives, among them, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, Governor of the State of Jalisco; Fernando Petersen Aranguren, Secretary of Health; Pablo Lemus Navarro, municipal president of Guadalajara and Juan José Frangie, municipal president of Zapopan.

Pablo Lemus municipal president of Guadalajara, congratulated shareholders, managers and staff, for their expansion and what it will contribute in Guadalajara for medical tourism: “Guadalajara undoubtedly has this aspect as the medical capital at the national level and well because together we can consolidate the goal, congratulations to Hospital San Javier, to all its staff, to its directors and count on the government of Guadalajara to continue working on set”, he stressed.

During the protocol, the Governor of the State mentioned: “It is an institution that we have great respect for in our State, the San Javier Hospital is undoubtedly an important part of the infrastructure in terms of private health that Jalisco has, but it has been also an institution that has shown a deep social commitment and also a strong commitment to this city “.

Narcizo León Quintero, corporate medical director of Hospital San Javier, highlighted in the ribbon cutting protocol when presenting the new tower that is connected to the hospital by two pedestrian bridges: “Hospital San Javier is celebrating 27 years of having been inaugurated, in this For a long time we have not stopped growing, in continuous improvement, always seeking innovation and updating of medical equipment, as well as patient care programs. We have continued with our philosophy of prioritizing safety, respecting the patient and their families. Today is a great day for all of us who make up Grupo Empresarial San Javier, as we have concluded our third structural stage, which consists of a new highly specialized hospital tower ”.

The new tower has 76 rooms, a hospital pharmacy area with a center for oncology mixtures, antibiotics and general drugs, as well as for enteral and parenteral nutrition, the only one in the country; a Central Equipment and Sterilization (CEYE) with cutting-edge technology that will provide sterilization solutions to improve safety processes; eight hemodialysis cubicles and a chemotherapy area also with eight modules, equipped for research protocols; a hybrid operating room for neurology, cardiology and traumatology surgeries for rehabilitation areas and a new helipad.

San Javier Oncology Center

A reality in the West of Mexico!

Hospital San Javier continues to be a pioneer in high medical technology and will offer avant-garde options for the treatment of cancer, as it is the only hospital in the west of the country with a linear accelerator brand ELEKTA model Versa HD, a Sinergy accelerator also from ELEKTA a PET-CT Ingenuity TF and a 7.5 MeV BG-75 AVT Cyclotron and a Gamma Knife Perfexion brain radiosurgery unit.

Through the cancer center San Javier will allow himself to give a comprehensive treatment to cancer patients. To carry out the clinical diagnosis, there is a Cyclotron-Radiopharmacy area, where the production of injectable radiopharmaceuticals is carried out, which are administered to the patient by parental route, and once metabolized, by means of the PET-CT tomography, it is possible Obtain a metabolic and molecular image of the tumor disease.

Based on the clinical diagnosis, the patient can be treated with chemotherapy or one of the two linear accelerators available at the hospital can be used, as well as being referred to the Gamma Knife Perfexion Unit to perform brain radiosurgery without a scalpel.

Hospital San Javier remains firm in its purpose of providing innovative and avant-garde treatments for medical and hospital care that protect the quality of life and safety of patient care. This commitment has recently been recognized through the evaluation carried out jointly by Funsalud, Blutitude and Grupo Expansión for the ranking of Best Private Hospitals in Mexico, where it obtained the first position as the best hospital in the western region.


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