I get more nervous with Atlas than with Canelo Álvarez: Eddy Reynoso

Guadalajara /

Eddy reynoso does not hide his love from Atlas. The trainer of the Guadalajara boxer Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez recognized that his nerves are bigger when he sees the red and black team than when Canelo gets into the ring.

Reynoso lives the great moment of the Atlas And this Saturday he was at the team’s concentration hotel to encourage him for the Round of the Final of the Apertura 2021.

I get more nervous right now than when Canelo fights, the truth is that I have to wait so many years, since I was a child, I’ve been going to the Atlas since I was 8 years old and see (Mario) Zanabria, (Marcelo) Bielsa, (Luis) Garisto, Efraín Flores, La Volpe, all the players and coaches … We are one day away from being champions, I am very excited, “he said.

Canelo’s coach has been a recurring visitor to the Atlas gamesHe even went to the Final of Ida a León.

“Since I was a child, when an uncle took me to the stadium to see Atlas, Chaplin Ceballos, Masciarelli, López Vega, since then I have been an athlete,” he added.

Anticipated that the Foxes will win 3-1 to La Fiera this Sunday at the Jalisco Stadium and that he will get “good fart”.

Atlas loses the series 3-2 with León, he needs one goal to extend and two to be Canpeones.

“The truth It’s the only thing I need to close this year with a flourish, In boxing we did quite well, now what I need is for Atlas to be the Champion to say that I can die now ”, he mentioned.


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