Did they remain on duty? All Champion products that were sold for the Cruz Azul ninth

Cruz Azul conquered the ninth star this year and the fans waited anxiously with t-shirts, caps and all kinds of products that certify the feat of that May 30, 2021However, the main sponsor of the cement complex, JomaIt was not up to scratch and left a lot to be desired.

And it is that after the conquest of qualification, the shirts that the footballers wore to celebrate on the Aztec stadium they took a long time to come out, so the piracy made his own and only in that way could they be acquired, but the originals arrived weeks later, along with others added by the Spanish brand, as well as some sweatshirts.

For its part, New era also launched the special cap with the imposing gold lettering of ‘CHAMPIONS’ and the Cruz Azul shield up front, in one of the most significant products of the epic day, although demand also exceeded supply as they were sold out within a few hours after they went on sale, but fortunately they have had more stock.

Subsequently, Joma released the three game jerseys for the 2021-2022 season, which caused great controversy for not having the nine stars on the shield, since each fan had to stick the patch of the gold star on their own, but outside of it.

Finally, the long-awaited commemorative shirt for the ninth La Machine League title, however, he did so six months later, with a light blue sweater with stamping of ‘9’ on all sides and the ninth star still outside the shield.

Here we leave you some of the official products that were launched after the conquest of the ninth star of Cruz Azul.

Game jerseys of the season: The first with the nine stars

Commemorative t-shirt

Champion Products:


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