Benjamín Galdames denounces death threats after electing El Tri

The Mexican player with Chilean descent published the attack of a supposed fan.

Galdames threatened with death for choosing El Tri

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The Mexican player with Chilean descent exhibited an alleged fan who sent him a private Instagram message and insulted him, in addition to wishing him death, after the game played on the field of Q2 Stadium in Austin, Texas.

“I invent conchetumare, just like all your culiaos brothers. Hopefully they all kill together, that wea would be a triumph for Chile, rather than winning a World Cup. Bastardo conchetumare”, were the messages that the user @NOThompsista wrote to Galdames.



Benjamin Galdames It was one of the surprises on the list of the Mexican team to face chili, since although he was born in Mexican lands when his father played in Cruz Azul, most of his life has been in Chilean lands.

“The boy’s decision is to compete for Mexico, I don’t see any margin. We are not in the times of nothing strange, I see it as a mature and thoughtful decision and we feel sorry for him because he is a footballer with a great future.

“The idea was for him to accompany us but he respects himself. In fact, his family plays with us, his brother Pablo is a regular with us and well, in the end with some Galdames we are going to stay, but it is a personal decision,” said the strategist. .

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