VIDEO. Carlos Salcedo makes his debut as a singer; premieres his first single

Mexico City /

Despite the fact that for a few months it was already known that Carlos Salcedo would be launched as singer, it was this friday that debuted officially at music world after the premiere theme ‘Today is leaving‘, which he performed with the Mexican singer Chayín Rubio.

“’Hoy se va’ was born in a barbecue that I had there, I invited Chayín and we were just going to make a song before ‘Hoy se va’, another song was going to come out, we had already recorded it,” he mentioned about his new project the element from Tigers for TUDN.

Likewise, Salcedo made it clear that this will not be his only appearance in the musical field, as he will continue to work on that project. “We continue with this music, don’t think that it is I already took out my thorn and that’s it “, he commented.

‘Today he is leaving’ It is available on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. It should be noted that although Chayín Rubio is known for being part of the Mexican regional, in the song in which he collaborated with Salcedo he ventures into the urban genre.

It is expected that in the next few days the official video of the theme, since October the footballer was seen together with Chayín Rubio on a recording set, in addition to the singer sharing images of the moment with the Titan.


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