Tlaxcala wants to sign Giovani Dos Santos and they would ‘pay’ with tacos!

Giovani dos santos, who at the time was one of the best active Mexicans, today he is without equipment, since since America gave him them, he has not been signed by any club; Coyotes of Tlaxcala, of the Expansion League, I’d be pretending

It has been several months since Gio can’t find a team, so it was even said that he was already thinking about retirement, because he did not see it as feasible to play again. The MX Expansion League is always a alternative, and the Tlaxcala knows it.

Coyotes from Tlaxcala would go for Giovani Dos Santos

Through social networks the team of the Expansion League he sent him a invitation to Dos Santos, where they did not offer him a juicy contract, house or luxury cars, but instead They mentioned the attractions in Tlaxcala so that I sign with them.

Among the things that were proposed to him, were those already mentioned basket tacos, Besides Tourist places that they have and that they are wonderful, so they expect Giovani Dos Santos to call them.

The fans want us to introduce @OficialGio but, let’s give him a wink … We have tacos of basketto, great places and amazing food. Call us”Wrote the Coyotes on Twitter.

Besides loving Gio in his club, the box Tlaxcala he sent him a invitation to America to play a friendly match in the Tlahuicole Stadium, because apparently the Eagles accepted the challenge some time ago and now Coyotes wants the game to be dated.

“Notice of occasion: Hi @ClubAmerica. Namás I come to remind you that, you have to play in the Tlahuicole, when I visited Coapa you told me “I want to take some basket tacos in your land” And so: The time is NOW, let’s put a date on it! # TlaxcalaEsÚnica “, reads his post.

Coyotes of Tlaxcala caused great sensation with these two invitations, because the fans would not see badly a duel before America as part of its preseason, in addition to the incorporation of Giovani Dos Santos.


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