They report that Vicente Fernández has worsened, fans ask for his health

The health of Vicente Fernandez has worried his fans after it was reported that despite his slight improvement in recent weeks, a few hours ago it worsened again because, according to his family, in the last 12 hours the Huentitán charro presented an exacerbation in his health .

According to a statement shared through Vicente Fernández’s official Instagram account, Alejandro Fernández’s father is currently have increased inflammation in the lower respiratory tract, which has caused him to need more help to breathe.

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The statement also specifies that the singer of “For your damned love” had to be sedated in order to better carry out the treatment and give him some comfort while improving, especially because according to the doctors who treat him, Vicente Fernández’s health is critical.

And it is precisely that Vicente Fernández’s state of health is compromised that the forecast is kept as reserved, so his family reported that the improvement that the 81-year-old actor is presenting will be reported as the relevant information becomes available.

Hence, the family of Don Vicente Fernández thanked the fans of the singer of “Acá entre nos” for all the expressions of affection and support that they have poured through social networks, as well as the prayers they have raised to ask for the prompt recovery of the Mexican charro.

Vicente Fernández’s health worries his fans

As we will remember, on August 9 it was reported that Vicente Fernández suffered a fall inside his ranch “Los tres potrillos”, located in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, in Guadalara, Jalisco, and since that date the singer of regional Mexican music remains hospitalized.

During these months, the relatives of Vicente Fernández have reported the charro’s improvements, and a few years ago it had been said that he was already out of intensive care, which gave hope of a speedy recovery, but the recent statements of the family have worried even more to his fans.

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And it is that in recent statements Vicente Fernández Junior pointed out that his father he is already very tired, this after it was reported that his father’s health worsened, in addition, since Carmen Salinas recently passed away which is from her contemporaries, this has everyone tense.

That is why his fans have begun to ask for the speedy recovery of Vicente Fernández and hope that he will pass the most critical 72 hours that are reported after a relapse, and that after that time an improvement in his state of health will be recorded again.

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