for José Antonio, exercise and meditation are enough

Jose Antonio has not been vaccinated against covid-19. It is a personal decision. It has not done so for one reason alone: ​​it has attached importance to physical, mental and emotional strengthening in the midst of the pandemic.

The young man from Pachuca, 36 years old, says that he has been practically ten years without receiving any type of vaccine because he assures that for the care of the body there are more options such as healthy eating and exercise.

“It is time for us to take responsibility for our body because a person who is healthy, tries to take care of himself and cares about his health is less likely to get sick,” he says.

José Antonio says that in addition to health care, an important issue is the mental state in which people are, because if they are afraid that makes them more prone to illness.

-What do you think of the pandemic?

-Beyond seeing it as something tragic, I see it as an opportunity and I believe that it is helping us all to go further not only in what it is causing but how we are as people, as a society to face these types of contingencies.

In Hidalgo, the target population to be vaccinated, according to the state Health Secretariat is two million 509 thousand 562 people. They have received the vaccine against the covid-19 adolescents from 15 years to people of 60 years and over as well as health and educational personnel, pregnant women and people deprived of their liberty.

José Antonio, who recently undertook a personal project on social networks, has not been vaccinated by his own decision, despite not doing so, he has not felt excluded or rejected in a public place and advises people to investigate how their body works.

-What do you think of those who have been vaccinated against the virus?

-I totally respect them, I always respect that, the decision of others.

-Aren’t you afraid of getting sick from covid?

-No, in fact more than a year ago I was diagnosed positive for covid but I had no consequences, many call it asymptomatic but people who are asymptomatic are healthy people and not only in the physical issue but also in the mental, emotional and even issues energetic.

-How did you spend it on that occasion when you were diagnosed positively?

-Resting at home, isolated, I had a very heavy work rhythm and what my body needed was rest, every day a doctor called me to check how I was doing.

-What does your family tell you that you have not been vaccinated?

-At the beginning it was like an insistence and they told me: why haven’t you been vaccinated, it is for the good of all, the only thing I told them is that it is a very personal and very conscious decision and in the end they respected me.

For the Ministry of Health of the federal government, it is not an obligation that people get vaccinated against covid-19, however, it points out that it is an opportunity that is given to protect themselves against the disease.

The Secretariat explains that the vaccines are intended to train the immune system of people so that when they are in contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the defenses generated by vaccination can recognize it and block its entry into the cells of the body.

Despite not being vaccinated, José Antonio’s friends have accepted his decision, although others insisted that he do so and he acknowledges that at some point he came to feel some discrimination from one of them.

-Who did you feel discrimination from?

-From a friend who is very careful, I understand that he has his family and all that.

-And how do you take care not to get sick?

-Before all the exercise, I practice various routines, running, biking, exercising in the morning and eating, I bathe with cold water, the cold makes your immune system activate and I also take care of myself through meditation.

-What do you feel that you are a person who has not been vaccinated in the midst of this pandemic?

-I really don’t have any major feelings or concerns, I continue my normal life, I respect the biosecurity guidelines a lot, the use of antibacterial gel, the mask.

On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the SARR-COV-2 virus variant B.1.1.529 as a variant of concern and named it with the Greek letter omicron. José Antonio says that he has not started to investigate this new variant of the virus.

“The authorities say that this variant will affect the unvaccinated,” I tell José Antonio.

“Yes, the authorities say many things, I always try to question because after all what they project is fear, I am calm, I think that is very important,” he answered before ending the interview.

-Is there any way you can get vaccinated against covid?

Yes, of course, if I have to go to another country.


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