Carlos Tevez strongly criticized Cardona, assures he will not have offers

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The hobby of Boca Juniors and the club does not forget that after America Cup, Edwin cardona traveled with his family to Colombia instead of going directly to Brazil, breaking the bubble, so Carlos Tevez ensures that there will be no team who wants to buy it because of their indiscipline.

In the TyC Sports ‘Líbero vs’ program, the idol xeneize, who is also a friend of Cardona, pointed out that as a player, there is no doubt about the quality of this element, but its flaw is that it falls into indiscipline, ” he is wrong when he cannot be wrong. “

“I have a very close friendship with the fat man, so it is very difficult to put myself on the side of the fan and on the side of a friend. I think he was wrong at a delicate moment, very delicate, because Boca was going to play the Eighth Finals of Libertadores and everyone knows that the fan is waiting to win the Libertadores, and he is wrong at that moment where he did not have to be wrong, and afterwards what he does seemed late to me, “said Tevez.

And it is that Cardona preferred to take a vacation with his family instead of going to play with his club, in such an important game.

“Obviously, as a player, we all know what the fat man is, it is indisputable, but I think there are moments and moments to be wrong, and even more so, he who did not have a contract in Boca had to do everything perfectly and did not do it. It is very difficult for the club to make an offer for him. It is what I feel“, he indicated.

If that omen of Tevez is fulfilled, Tijuana will have no choice but to continue extending the term of the Cardona loan so as not to lose him.

The Colombian costs 5 million dollars and Boca Juniors does not plan to pay for this item.


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